My, Sharanya Vijayan, first day at work in KTP

My, Sharanya Vijayan, first day at work in KTP
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My, Sharanya Vijayan, first day at work in KTP

Starting a new job is truly exciting, but we might also feel nervous ahead of our first day job. Even though I have been working for 14 years down the road, venturing to a newer job, never ceased to evoke my anxiety, well which induced my non-stop sneezing and sore throat since yesterday morning.

Surprised me as I used to have this only when I am entering the exam hall.

In the excitement and having a mixture of anxiety, I woke up at 5 am to have a cup of coffee and tried to compose myself by watching my all-time favourite “The Good Wife” – never failed to boost my day thou. And yes, a pep talk from my husband.

I enjoyed the journey coming to work and even though my house is a bit further from Taman Molek, seeing my husband’s happiness that I am going to grow with the company and learn more to enhance my ACCA, skills, and knowledge – Pasir Gudang Traffic is not going to break us at anyways.

My first step in KTP office

Upon arrival, after a small breakfast the nearby café, I felt the warm welcoming from Anissa ( the admin sweet girl ). I have seen Jothi virtually and many times have spoken over the phone, but to my amusement, I was not expecting a bubbly but informative person to guide me and the other intern girl called Christine. I enjoyed the most to do the vide greetings as I believe it’s a great way to have an ice breaking session.

Orientation @ KTP

I will not deny that I enjoyed getting all the policies’ warming up sessions, the ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ , the MSI setup as well accessing to the outlook, tutoring the SOPs, walking us the cultures, showing all the areas, the most prime : sharing her positive opinions about KTP.

Giving me some books ( The seven spiritual laws of success, FISH, Who moved my cheese ) and allocated me a task of reading them and do a summary ( either via video or writing ) – well that task surely amazed me more. As a devoted reader and blogger as well a conveyer of my reading and writing contents to others – I will not deny how much I am thrilled and at the same time how much it has amazed me about the KTP culture- the emphasizing the holistic knowledge growth amongst staffs.

For many years, me running the HR head ( as in general affairs and customer service ), it’s a nice feeling to be the other side after sometime to get tutored and educate about company’s policies, and me listening without any judgements or having a skeptical way of thinking that been guided by a young person ( younger than me ) – were more exciting.

Seeing her, shows me how much KTP has shaped her to be a better leader and enhanced her skills to be a great trainer too.

After settling down, going through all the systems ( before my lunch break ), I liked them a lot! Me being a detailed orientated individual and system follower as well policies’ maker along with employment handbook setter- KTP’s investment in these areas, is a great cushion to have a great working system.

More confidence of mine to excel in ACCA has been instilled and more enthusiasm been moulded to give my utmost best to KTP and grow with them.

My official meeting with the boss of KTP

As talking to Mr Koh at 2.00pm, listening to his objectives and motives: despite I spoke lesser as I was focused about listening to his contents – I can see how much he gives importance to critical thinking as well the enhancement importance he gives towards a positive driven working culture are very significant aspects that he expects to be adhered by all the staffs.

I would like to have my understandings to be polished by Mr Koh as per my opinion, he is a leader who wants his fellow members to be in the right directions at all times.

The humbles in me being more evoked and the curiosity of learning has been instilled in a larger scale now.

Happy to be part of this reputable organization.

PS : 1st assignment in KTP - a covid test


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